What Can 3 Goat Do For You?

Emotionally intelligent recruiting

3 Goat Recruiting specializes in providing staffing solutions for the needs of our client’s companies. Our clients trust us to find not only technically qualified candidates, but emotionally intelligent people. We pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with not only candidates, but our client companies to make sure we make the best fit for both sides.

Organizational Culture consulting

3 Goat will assist with the revamping your company culture. But how? We take your bureaucratic mess and teach you how to focus on your most important asset - your team

resume Writing

It's tough to create a resume. Especially when you haven't had to write one in a while, and transitioning to a new career can compound that headache. Let 3 Goat help tailor your resume and to focus on you, not buzz words.

INternship Building

Internships tend to be overlooked in most company settings, some even view them as expendable costs. At 3GR we believe internships (and interns) are not items to be pushed to the side or get their manager coffee. We believe they are of utmost importance and we help build and foster those relationships between client and candidate.

To get an idea of the scale of the cyber security skills shortage, consider this: By the end of next year, it’s predicted that one to two million cyber security jobs will remain unfilled. About six million cyber security analysts will be needed, with only between four and five million available to fill the positions.
— esecurityplanet.com