3 Goat Career Transition program

- Assisting First responders and Veterans In transitioning to CS/IT roles

In 2016 out of 4 million cyber security jobs, roughly 1 million were filled. Cyber security roles are expected to grow by as much as 28% by 2026. Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring for these professions is expensive, timely, and resource intensive.  These processes are especially hard on smaller businesses and state/local governments who already have limited resources.

Disabled and early-retired first responders (police, fire, and EMS) and veterans from all branches of the military are left with zero or undervalued programs to transition careers.

3 Goat Recruiting is willing to seek out, train, and prepare qualified first responders and veterans for roles in cyber security and information technology. This solution not only gives back to those who have given so much already, but supports technology based businesses with trained, cleared (if necessary), qualified, and most importantly, dependable candidates to fill the ever-growing roles in the cyber security and information technology industry.