Military Deception and Operations Security Program Support II

Pentagon - Washington, DC

$120,000 - $130,000 a year


  • Support the development of DoD OPSEC Program standards and assessment criteria to measure program effectiveness

  • Provide SME support in the execution the USD(I)’s roles and responsibilities as pertain to effective operations in the information environment, to include information environment characterization and assessment.

    • Advise and support HUMINT & Sensitive Activities’ (H&SA’s) efforts within OUSD(I) pertaining to integrating perspectives of the information environment within Battlespace Awareness, Joint Intelligence Operations, HUMINT and Sensitive Activities, and Programs, Personnel and Readiness.

    • Support the execution and maintenance of community federations hosted by H&SA, to include but not limited to the Defense Council for OPSEC Oversight.

    • Provide support and subject matter expertise pertaining to the Defense Intelligence Enterprise, Defense Intelligence Analysis Program, and other OUSD(I) activities.

    • Provide support for H&SA’s efforts across the intelligence community WRT elevating capability and capacity for MILDEC and OPSEC intelligence and analytical production. This includes supporting the development and coordination of National and Department Intelligence Strategy, Policy and Doctrine.

    • Provide support for the development, coordination, and execution of a strategic engagement plan with MILDEC and OPSEC intelligence and intelligence related stakeholders from across the National and Department intelligence community.

    • Provide support to H&SA’s portfolio management and Department MILDEC activity and OPSEC program assessments. This entails developing, coordinating and analyzing results from programmatic and functional metrics from across the Department related to MILDEC activities and OPSEC programs.


  • The contractor shall possess five years’ experience in MILDEC and OPSEC operations, planning, and assessment at Joint or Service levels

    • The contractor shall possess five years of experience in the DoD joint intelligence enterprise, preferably from joint operational, service intelligence, and national agency levels.

    • The contractor shall possess seven years of working within the Department intelligence process, to include collection management and analytical production lifecycles.

    • The contractor shall possess three years of experience with the Joint Intelligence Preparation of the Operational Environment process at an operational level.

    • The contractor shall possess two years of experience with information environment assessment methods.

    • Possess a certificate from at least one of the following courses: USD(I)’s Information Environment Advanced Analysis course, Defense MILDEC Training Course, and the Defense OPSEC Planning Course.

    Currently possess an active TS/SCI clearance.