3GR - 2018 In Review

This year has been pretty remarkable - the inception of 3GR, getting certified in the System for Awards Management (SAM), creating our team, making partnerships, creating friendships, and eliminating the bullshit that sometimes runs rampant in the process of looking for a job.

Hell, we even have a bank account with money it (and a credit card)!

These are small achievements, but achievements none-the-less.  We have also experienced failure and setbacks, as any small (or large) business does.

We still get bummed when we do not mesh with a client or a candidate does not get placed.  However, instead of dwelling, we push forward. Our awesome 3GR team is sole proprietor behind that.

One of the toughest parts we deal with is not being able to place a candidate we have built a great relationship with. Perhaps they did not want to move from Texas to Boston? Maybe the client wanted someone with a special expertise?  It sucks, but we are here to help our candidates.

Where others may write them off, we place them in our database and frequently check in with them.  We let them know that as soon as something in an area that interests them, in any way shape or form, comes open they are the first people we contact.

We have graduated from  a master Excel spreadsheet to Google Hire - our own ATS!

We strive so hard to build relationships with our candidates and clients.  Sometimes that is reciprocated, sometimes that is not. Which is fine.

If we miss out on an opportunity with a client, we smile, shake their hand, and ask how we could have done better. We let them know in the future if their needs change they may contact us at anytime...granted the price will raise (I'm kidding).

Sometimes they follow up, sometimes they do not.  

However, the candidates that say 'thank you for just listening' and the clients who say 'I believe in your team. I like how you are changing the landscape' and especially the candidates who say ‘Thank you for having our back.’  Those moments are the ones that motivate us and remind us that we are different.

We do care.  

We are changing the landscape.

We are listening and adapting.

We are using new techniques and processes.

Most importantly we do strive to maintain our foundational principles of strength, integrity, and perseverance. We do enjoy headbutting life in the face when it will not let us cross the bridge.

Our team and organization kick ass and I could not be happier.

So yeah....2018 has pretty much been a fairy tale.