Why 3 Goat?

I have always enjoyed fairy tales.

I enjoy the classics as I believe the morals and lessons can carry on through generations...Plus. as a child, I always enjoyed the natural horror that usually accompanied them.

"Don't pick sour grapes."

"Don't be greedy."

"Don't trust any old ladies that live in the woods in houses made of candy..."

Anyways, we will revisit fairy tales in a few paragraphs.

When I first began the thought process of creating a company, thinking of a name gave me somewhat of a bit of anxiety.  I knew from the beginning that our company would not be like anyone else in the market...that was the easy part.  However, finding the perfect name would prove to be even tougher.

A few months ago, I was walking through a convention with my partner at 3 Goat, Greg Sapp, and we were looking around at the vendors and realized that everyone and everything just blended together.



"insert Greek deity" (which sucks, because Greek deities have the best names)

These were all excellent names with all excellent logos, however, we felt that none of the traditional displays really stood out and everything just kind of...blended. This is fine, but our company personality survived on the idea of being different than the rest.

As mentioned in the opening paragraphs, we reverted to the classics...and when I saw the story of the Three Billy Goat's Gruff, I pretty much knew that was it.  We were not sure how to spin it, but we knew that was it.

Personally, I love this story.  I am not going to repeat here, as you should know it or you can easily look it up.

However, I will post a link to it!   

We felt the goats would be a good representation of what our company stood for.  They used their intelligence and determination to defeat the troll under the bridge...which in my mind represents the obstacles that so many of us in the job searching process face - greed, ugliness, and just a general pain in the ass on the way to your path to success. 

After a little refining,  spitballing, and opinions,  "3 Goat Recruiting" was created. Our hope is that not only we do stand out, but we leave a lasting impression on not just our candidates and clients, but anyone we come in contact with.  

Plus, I knew my friend Bruce over at Gnashed Teeth would be able to illustrate us a gnarly logo and to which he 100% succeeded in doing so.

Thanks, Bruce. 

That's the story, our 'fairy tale,' if you will.  We have received many compliments on the name and it seems to be working because 'What does 3 Goat Recruiting mean?' is usually the first question we get asked, which in turn, sparks great conversation.

Next time I will answer our second biggest talking point...our slogan 'we do more than put asses in seats.'