Hire People, Not Resumes

Why Choose People Over Resumes?

First off, I believe it is pretty self-explanatory:

Resumes do not fill seats, people do.

Resumes do not build strong foundations, people do.

Resumes do not offer to work over to help you finish a project, people do.

That is why we at 3 Goat focus on people, not resumes.  Anyone can fill out a Word document and make it look and sound good.  Some people can even attest that what they wrote on their resume they can actually perform in real life. Hell, some people may even get real creative and use InDesign and make a fancy resume! However, it’s all fluff and no filler.

What most people cannot do is to fake their personality in a resume. From the interviews I have conducted it is pretty apparent when someone is faking it. 

High GPAs and awards are nice to see, but for what we believe in there are no awards. 

We believe in staying late to help your coworkers finish their project.

We believe in leaving early to pick your coworker on the way to work because their car is broken.

We believe in not mocking the new person, but teaching them.

You know, all the stuff you can’t find on a resume.

In our field, the technology field, a lot of resumes contain many references to certifications, buzzwords, and acronyms. 

I get it, my resume includes a lot of those same items (and trust me, those certs are no joke).  However, when companies are hiring people they tend to only focus on those items. They tend to never glance at the person behind the resume only what they have placed on the paper.

Many people tend to oversell themselves on their resumes, however at the same time many people tend to undersell themselves (I’ll let you pick which one I prefer to work with).  From the many interviews I have been part of, the really good ones, I tend to never even look at the resume much more than a glance.  We are focusing on hiring the person sitting right in front of us, not the piece of paper. 

We have learned what people would do with a billion dollars (save white rhinos), what their dream job is (software developer at NASA), what caused them to leave their last job (doing the right thing when no one else would), and ultimately not what they have done in the past, but what they want to do in their future.

Those are the people we want to work with – the people that dig into their future, not their past.